Sunday, October 21, 2018

Permanent Nostalgia No. 40, 41 & 42

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permanent nostalgia no. 40
T.S. Rockafeller “live, laugh...die.” (c20)

T.S. Rockafeller is a renaissance man; a filmmaker, sound artist, sheep shearer and karaoke host. “Live, laugh…die” tells a story of sentimentality, apologies, the speed of death, and pelvic thrusts.
cassette edition of 22

permanent nostalgia no. 41
R “Three Days in July” (c30)

A perpetually illusive daydream of hand carved loop arrangements and iterations of sequences using the "record" and "needle" functions. Grooves teeter toward chaos before landing on rumination.
cassette edition of 22

permanent nostalgia no. 42

Sun Colored Pods (c20)

"The old loon became some code, because some colored decor coed became a lord, a spoon."
August&Josh collab rather than split. Read it, weep, and please don’t leave home without your prescriptions. The life you save may not be your own!
cassette edition of 22


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