Friday, April 20, 2012

Permanent Nostalgia No. 6, 7, 8 & 9

3 news tapes & a cdr + some re-editions

low editions again. it’s a low rent operation what can I say.
dudes creepin' around in my back yard, kyle got mugged at gunpoint.
gotta get up outta this hood.
the batch is sold out. thanks to everyone. copies of everything will be at tomentosa soon

Nag Dolly - 'pushing through the hortonova' (c32) permanent nostalgia no. 6

debut! analog echoplex loops from 1/2 of seziki testrasheaf and rotifer label head: my main home skillet d. toro.
edition of 33
Nag Dolly - 'pushing through the hortonova' clip a by am1200
Nag Dolly - 'pushing through the hortonova' (c32) clip B by am1200


Digital Natives - 'boggin classics' (c32) permanent nostalgia no. 7

its 1979 again and the whiskeys runnin hot. jay bird's crankin the jukebox up high & ol' clancy clinches something…never mind: new weird loops from jeff.
edition of 33
Digital Natives 'boggin classics' Clip side a track 3 by am1200
Digital Natives - 'boggin classics' Clip side b track 5 by am1200


Do Tell - 'spring gleaning' (c32) permanent nostalgia no. 8

music from a forlorn bygone era. sometimes familiar but mostly forgotten.. this release comes from a lost recording from the earliest days of do tell. a cassette was recently discovered at the bottom of a closet after Kyle moved into a new place, we guess it was recorded around 2006-2007. these pieces drift out further than previous do tell shiz ya heard? the bad days are over, en memoriam.
edition of 33
Do Tell - 'spring gleaning' (c32) Side A clip 1 by am1200
Do Tell - 'spring gleaning' (c32) Side B clip 1 by am1200


Royallen - AMCD II (CDR 43 minutes) permanent nostalgia no. 9
radio waves collected around the fourth of July. sequel to the well received AMCD: the debut release on permanent nostalgia. I will be making more copies of AMCD for those who missed.
edition of 15
Royallen - AMCD II "Track 31" by am1200


the re-editioning

do tell - tired habits of a drunken landscape (c60) "5 more copies"
sold out
sacagawea pit - cdr "10 more copies"

sold out
amcd one cdr "5 more copies"
sold out

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