Tuesday, April 10, 2012


*coming april 20th 2012*

3 news tapes & a cdr + some re-editions
(artwork & sounds coming soon)

low editions again. it’s a low rent operation what can I say. dudes creepin' around in my back yard, kyle got mugged at gunpoint. gotta get up outta this hood.

next batch
Nag Dolly - 'pushing through the hortonova' (c32) 33 copies permanent nostalgia no. 6

 by am1200
Digital Natives - 'boggin classics' (c32) 33 copies permanent nostalgia no. 7

Digital Natives - 'boggin classics' Clip side b track 5 by am1200
Do Tell - 'spring gleaning' (c32) 33 copies permanent nostalgia no. 8

Do Tell - 'spring gleaning' (c32) Side B clip  by am1200
Royallen - AMCD II (CDR 43 minutes) edition of 15 permanent nostalgia no. 9

the re-editioning

do tell - tired habits of a drunken landscape (c60) "5 more copies"

sacagawea pit - cdr "10 more copies"

amcd one cdr "5 more copies"