Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Permanent Nostalgia No. 34, 35, 36 & 37

After two years of hand-wringing, Permanent Nostalgia is proud to present 4 new tapes! 
*Batch deal Available @ the STORE*

Royallen - Found Tape (c20)

permanent nostalgia no. 34

what once was lost has now been found. 
roy is reborn via thrift store tape loop collage in "the new style." 
mastered by Tristan Whitehill (Euglossine, Squiggle Dot). 
cassette features hand-stamped art by Mary Tippery. edition of 50.

Machete USA & Son (c45)

permanent nostalgia no.35

kyle (Do Tell, Perspectives) dusts off his old Machete USA signature for a very special father and son collaboration. synthesizer waves and homespun sounds paint a picture of blissful domesticity. father and son artwork as well. get em’ while its hot. edition of 66

Bluesharp  - Green Burial (c20)

permanent nostalgia no.36

accustomed to these paths fixed in time, the woods wanderer finds his respite in the stillness of the pines. edition of 33

Odd Person / Cool Person - split (c20)

permanent nostalgia no.37

kindred weirdos Odd Person and Cool Person come together at last on a split tape. Odd Person offers pulsar myths of pure data while Cool Person reciprocates with a yamaha raaga. 

cover art by August Traegar. edition of 66



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