Monday, November 17, 2014

Permanent Nostalgia No. 27, 28, 29 & 30


-Equipped with an aging typewriter and a failing tape deck-

*Permanent Nostalgia is back with 4 new tapes*


*Batch deal Available @ the STORE*

Dark Matter Travelers 'Metta Physical Trance Mutations' c60

Permanent Nostalgia no. 27

Deep wave cuts and string plucks. Ian & Ashley scatter to the wind. 
Edition of 33

Available @ the STORE

Nectar of the Moon 'The Universe Trickles Through the Cusp Filters' c40

Permanent Nostalgia no. 28

there is no oxygen here. claustrophobic black hole jams.

edition of 33

Available @ the STORE

Dusty Greens 'East Side Beats Mix Tape' c20

Permanent Nostalgia no. 29

Dusty Beats from the East Side by Gainesville, Fl hit makers Tito & Ashley."East Side Beats Mix Tape comin' at cha. smoke one. drink one. make sure you make that shit dusty baby."

Edition of 36

Available @ the STORE

Cool Person 'Quiet Person' c60

Permanent Nostalgia no. 30

Yamaha synth-jazz melodies from the other side of the house.

edition of 33

Available @ the STORE

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