Sunday, October 5, 2014

*New* Royallen - Sample Tape c20 + Bluesharp & more distro items!

New Tape Release + New Distro Items !!

originally released on Sept. 29th 2014 for "international cassette store day" but i still have a few copies:

Royallen - Sample Tape c20

Hear the soothing side of found sound collage: Raga + New Age, Subliminal Messages + Nature Sounds. 
Simple compositions for the simple minded. Home Dubbed.
edition of 17

*Out of Stock* a few copies @ Tomentosa

Bluesharp - Sinkhole Flora c30
Tranquility Tapes ~TQ66: Edition of 100

Proprietor of Royallen, member of Perspectives, and regular on labels like Housecraft, Rotifer, and his own Permanent Nostalgia, Joshua Tippery uses the guise Bluesharp for his solo guitar explorations. In the world of Bluesharp, though, the six string is used more for texture and noise than melody. Sinkhole Flora finds Tippery grinding his axe in unorthodox ways to invoke the crunch of the Earth and the murk of the swamps prominent throughout his home state of Florida. It's spare, strange, and challenging at times, yet there's something altogether soothing about this one as it takes you deep down through the sediment and then plunges you right into the marshy waters. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

Available at the STORE

Various Artists: Apartment Music 27 c60 features a full 'Bluesharp' performance 
Kassette Kult Tapes

Performances by:
Ricardo D'Orlando, Bluesharp, Andrew Chadwick, Hell Garbage, Rauh, Lumen Kishkumen, A.J. Herring, and Captain Mission.
Recorded September 11, 2014.
Apartment Music is a long-running series of concerts of experimental, improvisation, electronic and noise music at Hal McGee's apartment in Gainesville, Florida.
- available exclusively on cassette
- copies dubbed at home in real time on Maxell UR Type I Normal Bias tapes, with black and white photocopy covers.
This is a personal, homemade product!
*Out of Stock* still available @ Kassette Kult Tapes

PLUS - Older Items are now $5 (postage paid) until they are gone:
Bluesharp ~ third stream woodshed (c40)  
Royallen - lost tape (c60)  
Tipow - Dust From Ancient Holographs ‎(C36) 
reefertree - an army of some (c40)
All at the STORE !!!!

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