Sunday, December 9, 2012

Permanent Nostalgia No. 14, 15 & 16

End of 2012 Batch

I wasn’t so happy with the dub quality of the last set of tapes. So with this being an particularly special batch, improved methods were employed this time around... 

Perspectives/Josh Mason split (c30) permanent nostalgia no 14 

After excavating concurrent sonic paths for the past decade, ancient friends Josh Mason, Josh Tippery and Kyle Conklin have finally come together on this tape; almost like they planned it this way all along… Perspectives present a slightly more developed sound than we are accustomed, while Josh Mason continues to fiddle with space-time, vibrating us into the next plane.

reversible inserts & label art by Josh Mason. mastering & dubs by permanent nostalgia HQ.

Edition of 48

Andrew Chadwick - Kerning vol 2 (cdr) permanent nostalgia no 15

"Everyday I'm Rustling." Continuing the long tradition of Gainesville guys with tape recorders, Andrew presents to us further cellular phone recordings. 
This series proves to be a veritable audio game of eye-spy: mysterious snips of machinery, construction zones, traffic & wind, inaudible conversations & water boils.

Edition of 30

Cool Person - s/t (c26) permanent nostalgia no 16 

new racket from this existential popularity contest winner who brings his bland and elaborate pointlessness into true form via this blob of waste-less wonder.

edition of 22

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