Monday, November 21, 2011

Permanent Nostalgia No. 4 & 5

Do Tell - the tired habits of a drunken landscape (c60)

believe it! 2nd ever full length tape from Gainesville Florida's Do Tell.
not since 2008's "sewn to the current" double tape on housecraft have we been graced with the presence that is Do Tell.
this tape spans 2+ years~ side A features all new material + live recordings & unreleased/lost pieces. side B features more new material + rare tracks from box sets & compilations.
60 minutes. edition of 33


Perspectives - Mondo Stylin (c90)

two guys jammin on keyboards and guitars like they don't know no better.
side A has new recordings & a live set, side B contains our intoxicated and ill-prepared plaid lake radio performance + even more stuff.
did i point out its a c90?
90 minutes. edition of 25



  1. hej!
    would be possible to make second edition of these?

  2. great sounds... a second edition of each would be great!