Friday, July 8, 2011


Royallen - Inspirational Tape (c18)

Narrative cut-ups, with fold-out survey lab inspired sketchbook dementia, further collaged and clustered by in-house technicians.

edition of 50
cover art by Josh Tippery
$7 plus postage

BLUESHARP - Xenotransdimensional Beacon (c56)

I've loved Joshua Tippery's take on art sound/audio collauge/guitar+object mutilation since first meeting his close pal Jeffry through emails and tape trades and it was dire that the man be a part of cloud valleys history with a solo recording before it fades into the past (which is as we speak). Here the man blesses me to the sequel of the amazing "staggered marsh" which was releases lastyear on, the mystery continues on equally uptop levels with drooped spooktones rolling around and fumbling into magical melodical dissonance....silence and minimalist sparcities aid the cassettes lengthier aesthetic with a patient/honest narrative fit for a house laze relax listen or an afterwork blaze

both cs's 11/12/14

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